EA Giving Tuesday


Hear from people who've participated in past EA Giving Tuesdays

Here's what a few people had to say about their EA Giving Tuesday experience:

Gina Stuessy (Gina joined our team in 2020):

"I learned of EA Giving Tuesday's work to support donors the second year Facebook ran a matching challenge, 2017. I was especially impressed by their thorough testing of different donation methods, investigating sub-second delays between the click time and recorded time, and the resulting written and video instructions they provided to increase the likelihood of donors' gifts being matched—so impressed that I wanted to be part of the effort, and joined as a volunteer in 2020. EA Giving Tuesday is now one of my favorite holidays; it's thrilling to see all of the generous donors come together to direct as much of the matching funds as possible to high-impact charities."

Jeff Kaufman, on his blog:

“...while the match ran out in seconds I was able to direct [counterfactual matching funds] by being (a) prepared and (b) lucky not to get any declines.”

Cameron Shorb:

"My new favorite holiday."

Cullyn O'Keefe:

"Twas Giving Tuesday eve
And all through the villes
EAs set their alarms
To snag some utils

New charity recs
Were studied thoroughly
To find the best half-off
Discounted QALYs

The children were nestled
All snug in their beds
Under the newest
Insecticide-treated nets

I with my Visa
And Zuck with his stock
Awaited the strike
Of 8 ET on the clock

Then we all started clicking
With the greatest of haste
To beat out the donors
With less-effective taste

And we whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
Now, CEA! now, GD! now AMF and MIRI!
On, END! on, ALLFED! on, ACE and BERI!”

All funds were exhausted
Before the opening bell
Money all directed
At the discretion of GiveWell.

And they heard us exclaim, ere we logged off that day—
'Happy Giving to all, and a happy Tuesday'”

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